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Our Story


Our Founder, Daniela,  is a local therapist in our community and over the last few years has become aware of a crisis in two areas – the numbers of people being referred with anxiety and stress disorders, both children and adults, and the number of people coming for help with feelings of isolation and lack of purpose. 


Out of these two crises Nook by Nature was born.  Daniela felt that there was room in our community for a beautiful space that people of all ages could come together and learn to live more simply – a more connected way of being! Through every day activities like sewing or painting, gardening or tai chi and a wealth of other mindful activities, Nook by Nature can provide a peaceful place where you can come and learn new skills and feel part of something – feel part of your community. 


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"Nook by Nature offers a place of togetherness where you can be with yourself, with others, just as you are."

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