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Daniela Bove-Pope

Founder of Nook by Nature

Daniela is the founder of Nook by Nature born out of her passion for community, nature and wellbeing and a desire to create a space where these three things can come together to support all of you in her local community.

A psychotherapist who works in private practise and for the local GP practice, Daniela brings her expertise in mental health & wellbeing and combines this with a sense that we are best supported when we are amongst nature. Together with her team, she has developed a range of groups that help you restore the imbalances caused by a hectic world, a busy mind and an overly stressed nervous system.

Nook by Nature is a place where you can be yourself, with no expectations and with no need to rush. A place you can learn how to slow down, be guided in ways to reduce stress levels, balance your nervous system and feel happier in yourself and with those around you.

Daniela is excited to welcome you to the Nook by Nature family.

Daniela Bove-Pope
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