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Our hosts

Daniela Bove-Pope

Founder of Nook by Nature

Daniela is the founder of Nook by Nature born out of her passion for community, nature and wellbeing and a desire to create a space where these three things can come together to support all of you in her local community.

A psychotherapist who works in private practise and for the local GP practice, Daniela brings her expertise in mental health & wellbeing and combines this with a sense that we are best supported when we are amongst nature.

Together with her team, she has developed a range of groups that help you restore the imbalances caused by a hectic world, a busy mind and an overly stressed nervous system.

Honorata Chorąży-Przybysz

Eco-Art for Wellbeing in Nature

Honorata is an integrative creative counsellor, therapeutic arts practitioner and visual, expressive artist working in a diverse range of mediums. Her artistic practice focuses on allowing the emotions and experiences to influence the creative process.

She works as a registered creative counsellor in Olney and community arts facilitator in Northamptonshire and is an art for mental health tutor for Public Health Northamptonshire.

Helen Stephenson

Mindfulness in Nature

Helen has spent a life time dedicated to the practice of mindfulness. She brings this wealth of experience to benefit those who join her sessions. She works in private practice and also for the NHS as a supervisor and assessor of mindfulness teachers.

There is no better teacher than nature. The river flowing past helps us to accept and work with change, sometimes longed for, sometimes dreaded. A day ends, another day begins. Summer changes into autumn. The out breath is followed by the in breath. New possibilities, new ways of being with ourselves and others.
One rose as beautiful as the rose next to it. No comparing, just being what they were meant to be.

Claire White

Mindset Coach &
Moon Circle Facilitator

Claire is an accredited mindset coach and student of human design and astrology

Having discovered the way of living and working through the seasons and cycles of nature, she now shares this with a wide variety of people.

The moon cycle in particular has always had the strongest pull, and Claire believes that working with the phases of the moon and cyclical living can be really empowering. By looking at the ebb and flow of energy and honouring that, we can live and work as we are meant to.

Just as the moon affects the tides and the oceans, she also affects the waters within us and by working with this rather than trying to swim against the tide, we are reminded that we too are nature.

Emily Joy

EFT (Tapping) in Nature

Emily practises EFT, also known as tapping which is a form of acupressure that uses fingertip tapping in a particular sequence. A single session of tapping can turn off the stress response and significantly reduce the level of cortisol, a stress hormone that wreaks havoc on health and mental well-being. EFT can help to dissolve energy blockages, helping to reduce stress and increase feelings of inner peace.

Emily's sessions in Nature have the added support of the known grounding effects that Nature offers. Time in Nature has been linked with improved health and wellbeing, a reduction in stress, mental restoration, fewer sick days and improved ability to focus.

Laura Vasu Devi

Meditation in Nature

Laura is a teacher of meditation and healing, she assists others to achieve their best by connecting to their own inner wisdom, having trained with the Shanti Group a School just outside of Sydney. She brings a sense of calm to her practise and will gently guide you in meditative practises in the beautiful countryside surrounding Olney, where she grew up.

Meditation has been proven to reduce anxiety, stress, depression and blood pressure, as well as help with sleep. And for the busy minded amongst you, it is a wonderful tool to help pause the mind chatter and to take you to a place of calm.

Laura practises what she preaches, her life has been transformed into one of joy, service and love, through meditation and healing, and she is passionate about sharing these tools with those ready to embark on their healing journey.

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