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Helen Stephenson

Mindfulness in Nature

Helen has spent a life time dedicated to the practice of mindfulness, yoga and

counselling. She brings a wealth of experience to benefit those who join her sessions. She works in private practice and also for the NHS as a supervisor and assessor of mindfulness teachers within the IAPT service and also holds a Masters from the University of Hamburg.

Her work is based on finding one’s own true nature, speaking from it, acting from it. In our

heart of hearts, we all want to be happy, feel connected and live our lives with ease. The

whole process of finding our true nature is meeting us as we are, in our laughter and pains

and uncovering the inner beauty that is in each of us. And then we will realise that we don’t

have to be afraid to be ourselves, we don’t have to be harsh with ourselves and we can be

very sympathetic with our struggles and difficulties. And not only will we find our own true

nature, but we will learn about other people too.

The point is to re-discover our true nature and to know that it is not some ideal that we

have to live up to. The emotions that we have right now, the negativity and the positivity,

being here, with every breath, in every moment, is the golden key to being alive in a full,

unrestricted, and inspired way.

There is no better teacher than nature. The river flowing past helps us to accept

and work with change, sometimes longed for, sometimes dreaded. A day ends, another day

begins. Summer changes into autumn. The out breath is followed by the in breath. New

possibilities, new ways of being with ourselves and others. One rose as beautiful as the rose next to it. No comparing, just being what they were meant to be.

Mindfulness in nature is a journey of making friends with ourselves and it is not a selfish

thing. We are not trying to get all the goodies for ourselves, no, we are finding our place in

this world. In this process we develop kindness and a true understanding of other people as well.

Helen Stephenson
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